Dr Led Bicolour 25 18w Festoon Bulb

Item Number: 8001122
2nm Visibility Dimpled Festoon After-Market LED Replacement Bulbs for aqua signal series 25. 2nm Visibility bi-Color (red-green) Low Power Draw, ~1W (Non-Polarized Connection) Built-In Energy Management Circuit Since 2004 Direct Bulb Replacements Long Service Life Ultra-Rugged with No Filament to Burn Out or Break Descriptions: The Polar Star 25 series are specially designed as direct incandescent bulb replacements for the aqua signal series 25 navigation lights. These bulbs are fabricated from the highest quality components to assure long life and trouble-free functioning. Their patented internal circuitry provides consistent brightness and makes them immune to life-shortening voltage fluctuations. Their incredibly low power draw (~1W) makes them the perfect way to reduce energy consumption. Bi-Color 12V For aqua signal series 25 bow lights. Replaces aqua signal #90200. Starting 2009, Red Festoon Star and Green Festoon Star will serve as the single color replacements.
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