Weather Seminar, Feb 27 & 28 1-4pm 12 Spots

Item Number: WS-SAT-PM

Date:  Feb 27 & 28, 2020 1300-1600EST

Cost: $125 + HST per person

Location:  via Zoom

Going boating?  Looked at the weather?  Whether the weather mystifies you when it rains or you just want a little more knowledge for your next day on the water; this two session general interest seminar will help fill in the blanks.  Focus is on the basics of how weather is generated locally and globally, to help you understand a forecast.  We will also look at which weather observations  to record and with your new found knowledge of weather you might even be able to do a little forecasting of your own!  Hopefully you will never get caught out unexpectedly again.

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