Gill Sofia Sunglasses

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Item Number: 9660|BLACK|OS|*
All Gill sunglasses are floatable, so if you drop them, all is not lost. They have been designed with integral flotation and feature UV protective and 100 per cent glare free polarized lenses specifically designed for use on the water


  • Polarized lens technology
  • Integral floatation
  • Hydrophobic outer coating sheds water and reduces salt residue for clear vision
  • Oleophobic technology applied to the inside face repels fingerprints, sun lotion and skin oils
  • Grade 1 Optic lenses designed to exceed EN safety standards
  • Glare-free vision
  • Clear contrasts
  • Reduced eye fatigue
  • 100 per cent UV 400 protection
  • Filter category 3 lenses allowing 8to 18 per cent light transmission and are useful in bright sunlight, driving and general purpose wear
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