Aurora Canvas Shield Waterproofer Kit

Item Number: 11190

Made with the latest technology in Cleaning and Waterproofing Marine Fabrics.

Effectively Clean and Waterproof your Sunbrella boat covers, bimini tops, sails, upholstery and awnings! 

CLEANS: Dirt, Grime, Bird Droppings, Soot, Mold, Blood, Pet Urine, Food & Beverage Spills, Red Wine, Grease, Oil, Salt, Cosmetics, and Many More!

PROTECTS Marine Fabrics Against:  Rain, Stain, Soil, Mold, UV and Color Fade

CANVAS SHIELD WATERPROOFING KIT™ will not weaken, damage or rot the threads of your boat covers, bimini tops, sails, upholstery and awnings!

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