Blue Sea BelowDeck Panel

$24.99 $21.25
Item Number: BS4354

Blue Sea BelowDeck Panel usually available 2-5 business days upon ordering.

Easy to install BelowDeck panels include a 15A circuit breaker switch and pre-wired harness. Panels offer customizable 12V charging and monitoring options.


  • Pre-wired harness included in all panels for easy installation
  • Illuminated Carling Technologies 15A circuit breaker switch allows the ability to shut off panel preventing parasitic draw
  • Polycarbonate/ABS panel face is UV-stabilized, flame retardant, and will not corrode
  • 12V DC only
  • h3>Specifications:
  • Positions:1
  • Nominal Voltage:12V DC
  • Weight:0.30lb (0.14 kg)

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