Carver 10'6" x 66" Sport Inflatable Gray Cover

Carver Semi-Custom Inflatable Boat Covers are Styled to Fit. Carver Styled-to-Fit semi-custom boat covers are their most popular category of covers for good reason -- Value. Styled-to-Fit inflatable boat covers are designed to be a highly fitted cover that accommodates the primary characteristics of the specified boat style and configuration. These inflatable boat covers are durable and long wearing and are backed by an industry leading warranty. Learn more about Carver's commitment to state-of-the-art manufacturing. Carver Semi-custom Inflatable Boat Covers Feature: Patterned to fit the primary characteristics of a sport nose inflatable boat style. Constructed from Performance Poly Guard fabric for durability .Cover is suitable for trailering when properly secured. Designed to go up and over the O/B motor .Join seams are folded 4-ply, no raw edges .Double stitch construction with weather resistant, anti-wick thread for added strength and durability .Double reinforced tie-down loops sewn into hem .Strong and durable 1/4" shock cord is encased into hem for snug fit
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