Clarion USB/MP3/WMA Marine Gauge Style Receiver


Built to withstand the harsh and wet environment of marine usage, by virtue of an IPX5 rated water-resistant front panel and IPX3 rated chassis. Buttons positioned along the rim of the circular face enable quick, stress-free access to functions. What's more, the oversized LCD display offers clear visibility during day or night.


Frequency bands
FM/AM/Weather Band

FM Tuner with RDS
Frequency Range North America 87.9 : 107.9MHz (0.2MHz STEP)
Europe 87.5 : 108.0MHz (0.05MHz STEP)
Asia 87.5 : 108.0MHz (0.5MHz STEP)
Australia 87.5 :108.0MHz (0.01MHz STEP)

AM Tuner
Frequency Range North America 530 ~ 1710kHz (10kHz STEP)
Europe 531 ~ 1602kHz (9kHz STEP)
Asia 531 ~ 1602kHz (9kHz STEP)
Australia 531 ~ 1629kHz (9kHz STEP)

Weather Band
NOAA Frequency Range: 162.400MHz ~162.550MHz
Channel 1 : 162.400MHz
Channel 2 : 162.425MHz
Channel 3 : 162.450MHz
Channel 4 : 162.475MHz
Channel 5 : 162.500MHz
Channel 6 : 162.5250MHz
Channel 7 : 162.550MHz

Maximum Power Output 45W × 4
Low Pass Filter (Subwoofer) -(80/120/160/Through)

Chassis Dimensions (W × D) (mm) 103 x 96
Low Consumption Mode as Power Off ACC Off - zero current draw, Standby Mode (Power Off & ACC On) <= 50mA

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