Davis Scrubbis Hull Cleaning Kit

Item Number: 4400

Cleaning the hull a few times a month removes bottom growth before it ‘sets’ and removes less paint than cleaning the hull after bottom growth has completely attached itself.


  • The buoyant cleaning head and curved ergonomic design reduce the labor involved in cleaning underwater surfaces.
  • Buoyant foam head with cleaning fins. 4.4 lbs of buoyancy (2 kg) powers scrubbing on the upstroke
  • Use for both, power and sailboats in salt or fresh water.
  • Curved ergonomic tube
  • Telescoping pole extending from 43–86 in. (1.1–2.2 m)
  • Extension pole for a total length of 12.5 ft. (3.8 m)
  • All Scrubbis parts can be recycled.
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