Standard Horizon (GPS, Fish, Chartplotter)


Powerful 5 Inch Chartplotter with CMAP Charts Built-In The Standard Horizon CP190i is the ultimate chart plotter for any small boat.

All of your navigational information will be displayed on a 5 inch LCD color display that will be easy to view in direct sunlight.

While navigating you will be able to see Navaid icons on the chart page, depth contours, soundings up to 66ft and a graphical tide display. Never have the fear of being out on the open waters and getting lost.

With a high sensitivity 50 Channel WAAS internal antenna, you will have repeatable pinpoint accuracy to within 3 meters of the vessels actual position.

Standard Horizon has packed this unit with pre-loaded basic C-MAP charting for the USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Central America. If you did need additional coverage areas, you can purchase a compatible C-MAP NT+ or CMAP MAX card.

The CP190i will also allow you to view satellite images on the base map, simply enhancing your detail.

There are so many possibilities with the CP-190i by Standard Horizon. You can also add the optional FF525 Black Box for ultimate fish finding capabilities. With advanced filtering, the FF525 Black Box can eliminate unwanted noise and sharpens return echoes for enhanced detection & separation.

Each CP190i comes with: Unit, Internal Antenna, Power/Data Cable, Bracket Mount, Manual and a Three-Year Warranty. U

nit Size: 4.25"H x 7.125"W x 2.25"D.

Display Size: 5"

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