Harken ESP Unit 0 1600mm Top Foil

Item Number: 7320.34 1600
Harken ESP Unit 0 Top Foils are offered in five (5) sizes to fit headstay length requirements of the ESP Unit 0 Jib Reefing & Furling System.


  • Top foils are offered in (5) pre-cut lengths
  • Bottom foil adjusts to fine-tune final headstay length – no hacksaw required
  • Foils allow marine eye and headstay wire pass through – there is no need to cut wire during installation
  • Single-groove round foil profile withstands extreme reefing loads for secure furling
  • Round foil profile rolls more easily than flat foil shapes
  • Foil joints withstand years of torque loading
  • Connector interlocks with foil and secures with screws – no extra adhesive required


  • ESP Unit 0 Furling System designed for typical boat length 20 - 28 ft. (6 - 8.5 m)
  • ESP foils other than pre-cut top foils measure 6' 6-3/4" (2 m) L
  • #6 Luff Tape: 3/16" (5 mm)
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