Kasco 3/4HP De-Icer (25ft 120V cord)*Freight Alert

$1,074.99 $959.99
Item Number: F3400/D25

Kasco Marine 3/4 HP Deicer Features

  • Typically clears a 70' diameter
  • 3/4 HP moves water at 34 lbs. of thrust
  • 115V uses 6.7 running amps and draws 18 amps at start-up
  • 230V uses 3.4 running amps and draws 9 amps at start-up
  • Power cords are oil and water resistant and cold weather flexible to -50F
  • Power cords are easy to change out for replacement or re-configuration
  • Specially pitched propeller for maximum thrust with minimum power usage
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Replaceable zinc anode resists corrosion in harsh salt or mineral water
  • Dielectric oil provides maintenance-free, lifetime lubrication
  • Easy one-person installation
  • Comes complete with two 20' suspension ropes for operation in either a vertical or angled position
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