Pontos Trimmer 46 4-Speed Winch

What is the concept behind the TRIMMER ?

The basic reason we use winches is to reduce the effort required to perform a particular task. Pontos has taken this idea to it's logical conclusion through the use of its patented 4 speed technology. The result is that whereas ordinary 2 speed winches necessitate an effort of 16 kg in the winch handle the TRIMMER winch has been designed right from the start to function with an effort of only 8 kg.

Tests have shown ht whilst an average man can develop a force of 16 kg momentarily, he usually cannot, unless he is highly trained, maintain that effort for the full 30 seconds or so required to complete a manouever.

With the TRIMMER there is no longer any need to think about going electric in order to get more comfort.

On top of that, because the winch requires less than half the effort of a standard winch everybody will be able to join in during a manouever.

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