SKU: TR-31
TR-31 Trek Compass Features: Ideal for Runabouts, Center Consoles, Ski Boats, Flats Boats, Bass Boats, Cars, Trucks, RV"s and ATV"s. 2 1/4" Direct Reading Dial with Large Numerals for Easy Reading. Black with Black Dial, Bracket Mounted. Strong Directive Force Magnets and Composite Dial for Fast Performance. Built-in Compensators to Correct for Deviation. Extra Large Diaphragm and Rugged Construction Provide Extended Operating Temperature Range. High-Impact Rubber Accent Strip. Built-in, 12-Volt Green NiteVu Lighting. 100% Repairable. Exclusive 5-Year Ritchie Warranty. Approx. Shipping Weight: 9 oz (256g). Replacement Parts: Light Assembly: TR-0050 ASY. Notes: Comes standard with 12 volt lighting. For all Trek models built before 2005 please see the service manual page 2-2 or contact Ritchie for replacement light. 
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