Sealand Eco Holding Tank Vent Filter

Item Number: 311001

SeaLand Replacement Holding Tank Vent Filter - Filter Only (no fittings)

Replacement filter to stops odors that escape from holding tanks, keeping your boat fresh and pleasant. Replacement cartridge lasts the entire season and is easily replaced for a fresh start.

While new style vent filters from other manufacturers have been recently developed, none has proven to be more effective at malodorous gas absorption than the original SeaLand SaniGard vent filter. The finely-calibrated filter media remove the source of offensive odors from vent lines over 2.4 times better than the closest-rated competitive filter.

  • Absorbs odors in vent line that is attached to holding tank.
  • Prevents foul tank odors from entering boat's living area.
  • Easily replaces original odor-prevention filters now on thousands of boats.
  • Most effective vent filter available.

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