Seminar Sail Trim, Saturday December 8, 2018


Sail Trim Seminar

Saturday December 8, 2018

1pm – 4pm, $25.00

We all know how it goes. The mast goes up and we go sailing. Then one day the wind howls and we feel out of control. Something is missing in between. Tuning your rig and expanding your sail trim skills will give you an element of control to enjoy the ride when it howls.

Trimming our sails to maximum efficiency will give your sailing a real game changer? Whether you are cruising around or in a club race….it all starts the moment you plunk the mast in. Learn tips and tricks to maximize your sail trim and make your ride more efficient and enjoyable.

Diane Reid has sailed everything from lasers up to IMOCA 60s; fractional and mast head rigs; pin heads and fat heads, runners and no runners. Sometimes racing, sometimes cruising but always managing efficiency. Come hear what she has to offer and add to your toolbox of tricks for your next sail. There may even be a story or two along the way!

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