Seminar Splice, Saturday December 1, 2018


Saturday December 1, 2018

1pm – 4pm


Knots, Splices, Whippings, their voodoo magic made easy and fun.

Ever have a dock line come unraveled only to stick it back together with tape? What about that amazing knot you tied and could never get undone again? Or the infamous stopper knot that keeps coming undone? In this knot tying, splicing and whipping essentials course you will learn easy effective knots, basic splices that will save you time and effort over and over again. 3 strand and double braid lines and a fid and needle are our tools of the trade. We will even do some crazy fun knots like the Woggle, the Carrick bend and Brummel splice!

Professional Skipper and RYA Yachtmaster Diane Reid will be leading this seminar. 3/8” fid, small pusher and needles supplied.

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