Seminar Weather 2018 February 3, Sold Out


February 3 Weather

Saturday, 10:00am-3:00pm Attendance $15.00/person, light lunch included.

This seminar will improve your knowledge of basic weather and should enable you to anticipate adverse weather and interpret weather signs.

Topics include:

  • forces acting upon the atmosphere
  • stability/instability
  • flow around the highs and lows
  • surface chart, upper air chart (500mb) and why do we need them both
  • synoptic effects and local effects.
  • weather patterns.
  • weather models, why when and how are they wrong.
  • forecasting. What it is, why is going wrong and a few ways in which we could increase our chances to be right.
  • Case study: ON300 and/or other sailing events with interesting weather situations. This seminar can be adapted to various needs of the attending group emphasising certain things more than others depending on the interest.

All seminars are held in the warehouse section of the store so we advise wearing your “boat working apparel” when attending.

Parking is at a premium so we ask that you park along the west side of the building and in the back if spots are available.

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