Solar Rail Light Led 7/8 - 1" Rail

The solar rail light was created after watching my husband do many middle of the night anchor checks in windy or stormy conditions. We own a 1985 Trojan International fly bridge. He would carry a flashlight in one hand while holding on to the top rail as he worked his way up the side of the boat. We knew that having some kind of light along the sides near the deck would help a great deal. And I had been wanting lights around the front deck as well. We thought about placing lights inside the rails --- but drilling the holes, and installing the lights and wires would be no small feat. The other option was to attach some kind of light to the stanchion under the rail. Small enough to be out of the way, yet give off enough light to be worthwhile. It took us two years to develop the solar rail light we now market. They are easily installed, fit three stanchion sizes, and provide both the ambient lighting I wanted as well as increasing the level of safety we wanted when moving around the deck after dark. They ave an on/off switch so they can be turned off if underway after dark, so as not to interfere with regulation navigational lights. And they have a rechargeable battery that is replaceable. They have a single LED with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. The lamp holder is made of super tough nylon polymer with UV protection built in. The hardware is all marine grade stainless steel.We have had people tell us they have placed them near the back or side door of their boat so they can see to board and get the key in the lock after dark. We’ve had people buy a couple and were impressed enough to come back for more.We are very pleased with this end product and we're sure you will be too!
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