Samson Amsteel Dyneema - 1/8" Blue $/FT

Item# 872-BL-1/8
AmSteel Blue is a torque free 12-strand single braid that yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and, size for size, is the same strength as steel yet it floats. AmSteel Blue outlasts wire 3:1, making it an excellent wire rope replacement. It has extremely low stretch and superior flex fatigue and wear resistance. Samthane coating enhances that already high abrasion and cut resistance. For specifications pertaining to the Offshore industry, please go to the Offshore pages. Applications: Competition Grade Running Rigging, Kite/Wakeboard/Water ski Lines, Trawl and Bridle Lines, Wire Replacement, Non Jacketed High Performance Tug Lines, Climbing and Rigging Accessories, Pulling and Stringing Lines, Winch Lines, Low Stretch Support Lines (Wire Replacement), Horizontal Lifelines, Logging Wire Replacement Ropes, General Working Lines, Rig Tow Lines.