Blue Sea 35 Pos. DC Main Panel

Item Number: BS8382


  • All positive, negative and grounding buses installed, fully pre-wired
  • Panels with meters include toggle switch for mounting up to 3 battery banks
  • All panels with analog meters are owner upgradable to 24 Volts with 8240 or 8243 (18-32V DC meters)
  • All circuit label positions are backlit on standard panels - No kit required
  • "ON" indicating LEDs installed in all circuit positions


  • Positions:35
  • Nominal Voltage:12V DC
  • 24V DC
  • Maximum Amperage: 100A
  • Height:11.25in (285.75 mm)
  • Width:14.75in (374.65 mm)
  • Depth:4.00in (101.6 mm)
  • Weight:10.80lb (4.9 kg)
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