Harken 29mm Carbo Cheek Block

$9.99 $8.50
Item Number: 350

* The 29mm Carbo block is so small, it almost looks like jewelry. But make no mistake, this compact block is extremely strong. Use our miniature carbo as a mainsheet block on small dinghies such as the Optimist, or for low-friction control blocks on any size boat. They are superbly suited for our new Micro traveler. Use for: Outhauls, Vangs, Barberhaulers, Cunninghams, Traveler controls, Flag halyards. * Sheave: 1 1/8-inch 29mm * Length: 1 11/16-inch 42mm * Weight with shackle: 0.6oz. 17grams * Max line: 5/16-inch 8mm * Safe working load: 330lbs 150kgs * Breaking strength: 1000lbs 454kgs.

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