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Harken MKIV Furling System - Unit 0 Clear

SKU# 7410.10.CLEAR
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For seamless sailing, consider the Harken MKIV Furling System - Unit 0 Clear. This furler system offers the ideal blend of strength, aerodynamics, and longevity. Known for its user-friendly design, it's also simple to install.

A (mm) 96 mm
A (in) 3 3/4 in
B (mm) 150 mm
B (in) 5 7/8 in
C (mm) 47 mm
C (in) 1 7/8 in
Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) (mm) 6 mm
Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) (in) 7/32 in
Rod Ø (mm) 5.03 mm
Rod Ø (dash) -6
Clevis pin Ø (mm) 11.1 mm
Clevis pin Ø (in) 7/16 in
Standard headstay length (m) 11.77 m
Standard headstay length (ft in) 38' 7" ft in
Maximum headstay length (m) 13.9 m
Maximum headstay length (ft in) 45' 7" ft in
D (mm) 140 mm
D (in) 5 1/2 in
E (mm) 66 mm
E (in) 2 5/8 in
F maximum (mm) 1041 mm
F maximum (in) 41 in
F minimum (mm) 997 mm
F minimum (in) 39 1/4 in
G maximum (mm) 213 mm
G maximum (in) 8 3/8 in
G minimum (mm) 203 mm
G minimum (in) 8 in
H maximum (mm) 186 mm
H maximum (in) 7 5/16 in
H minimum (mm) 175 mm
H minimum (in) 7 in
I maximum (mm) 59 mm
I maximum (in) 2 5/16 in
I minimum (mm) 51 mm
I minimum (in) 2 in
J (mm) 23 mm
J (in) 7/8 in
K (mm) 26 mm
K (in) 1 1/32 in
Extrusion length (m) 2.13 m
Extrusion length (ft in) 7' ft in
Luff tape size (mm) 5 mm
Luff tape size (in) 6 (6/32) in

Item 7410.10.CLEAR