Interlux VC Bottom Epoxy

Item Number: V127/128G

Fluoro microadditive bearing two-part epoxy for use on the underwater surfaces of high performance boats. Apply to gelcoat, bare fiberglass, epoxy and primed metal surfaces. Dries to a hard, somewhat slippery, semi-gloss white finish that is ideal for wet sanding and burnishing. It has no antifouling or foul release properties.

  • A bright white hard epoxy with Fluoro microadditive for use on the bottoms of performance boats that do not require antifouling.
  • Fluoro microadditive is added to lower drag and to make it easier to wet sand.
  • Use on fiberglass, epoxy and properly prepared metal surfaces.
  • Ideal for boats where a non-toxic bottom finish is preferable or where fouling is at a minimum.
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