Item Number: 17800-2000
Gives you quick, easy and clean oil changes at the flip of a switch. It removes oil and sludge through the dipstick tube making engine oil changes quick and easy without getting under the engine. The oil changer is supplied with both a 1/4" x 40" dipstick probe and a female garden hose connector to attach the suction hose directly to dipstick tubes supplied with male garden hose threads. The reversable pump allows the container to be emptied neatly and easily by reversing the flow direction and pumping the container dry. A retractible pouring spout is also provided if it is not desirable to use the pump for emptying. Simply connect the power cord to an appropriate electrical source. Then, with the flick of the switch, a sturdy motor pump unit drains the crankcase into the units 14 quart holding container.

  • Approvals: CE
  • Body Materials: Bronze
  • Body Materials 2: Plastic container with 14 quart (13.25 litre) capacity
  • Dimensions: 13.5"(800mm)dia x 13.625"(346mm)
  • Electrical Connection: 7 ft power cord with alligator clips
  • Amp Draw: 7 Amp
  • Fuse Size: 10 (amp)
  • Impeller: Nitrile
  • Product Inlet Fitting: 4 ft (1.21 m) neoprene hose with 40 in (1.16 m) Teflon dipstick probe
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