Loos #1-Bsc Bench Swager Crimps 1/16"-7/32" Stops

Loose & Co. Bench Swager. Eye,lap and stop sleeve splicing of cables up to 3/16" diameter are made sure and easy with the new hand swagers. Design features "over-center" leverage, which transmits a powerful snap-action to the final thrust of the jaws... assures a tight, clean compression every time. Easy adjustment. Individual replacement parts are available . Parts list included with  tool. Gauge included with each tool.

This tool is for Copper and Aluminum only.   For Stainless Steel Sleeves use "0" Tool.For in shop one location jobs. Multi-compression jaws swage 1/16", 3/32", 1 / 8 " , 5/32", and 3/16" oval and stop sleeves plus 7/32" stop sleeves.

Length: 22.5"

High: 6.25" (24" high with handle up)

Weight: 6.6 lbs.

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