Maffioli Swiftcord 6mm Black Rope (per foot)

Silvertech is the new Gottifredi Maffioli line for fast cruising: an extremely light rope, very versatile and resistant to abrasion: a good solution for both sheets and halyards. Lightweight, strength, durability and comfort: these are the keywords for Swiftcord.

Initially designed for Olympic class dinghies, these products garnered the favour of many crews of larger boats, quickly becoming a must-have rope either for a top performance racer or for whoever sails just for fun.

Construction: composite single Braid.
Material: Dyneema SK 75 plus non-slip fibre.
Colours: red, light blue, navy blue, yellow, green, grey and black.
Diameters: standard range from 3 to 10 mm.

Dinghy boats: Recommended for any line adjusted frequently by hand, mainsheet, jib sheet, spinnaker sheets, cunningham or vang.

One Design and keel boats: spinnaker sheet (boats up to 45 feet) main-sail sheet (boats up to 30 feet) control lines.
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