Marinco Straight 30A FEM/15A Male Eel Adapter

SKU: S15-30
  • Note: Use only in an enclosed, dry location, such as powering your boat from a 15 Amp power receptacle inside your house
  • Boat Side: Female Connector Attaches to boat inlet or cordset
  • Dock Side: Male Plug Attaches to dockside receptacle or cordset
  • EEL ShorePower-Style Straight Adapters are high-quality, one-piece adapters used much like Pigtail Adapters
  • They do not have Sealing Collars and are Not Recommended for use in Wet Locations
  • EEL ShorePower-style Straight Adapters add the following improved features:
    • LED power indicator
    • Ergonomic design for easier gripping

Connection Specifications:

  • Dock Side: 15 Amp 125 Volt Male Straight Blade
  • Boat Side: 30 Amp 125 Volt Female Locking
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