SKU: S-53W
Read Direct Reading Dial. Compact Low-Profile Design. Quick Push-Button Removal of Compass Module for Storage and Security. Choice of Colors. Internal Green Night Illumination. Built-in Compensators to Easily Adjust for Deviation. Scientifically Matched Sapphire Jewel & Hardened Steel Pivot Dial Movement. Powerful Directive Force Magnets for Fast Heading Lock-on. Movable Sun Shield. High Temperature Composite Construction for Extended Operating Range. 100% Repairable. Exclusive 5-Year Ritchie Warranty. Approx. Shipping Weight: 1 lb (454g). Protective Cover: E-50-C. Replacement Parts: Light Assembly: 12 Volt: EX-0005-2; 6 Volt: EX-0099-2. Notes: All compasses come standard with 12 volt lighting. 24 volt lighting option is available. Some custom built OEM models may have different lighting. Contact Ritchie for replacement lighting
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