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Sea Fire Fire Extinguisher - Lithium Battery

SKU# AA500
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Ensure safety on the water with the Sea Fire Fire Extinguisher - Lithium Battery. This portable extinguisher, containing Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion (AVD) agent, is specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges of lithium battery fires, including those from Li-ion and Li-poly batteries. It's also effective against electrical and class A fires. Environmentally friendly, it has no Global Warming Potential and is non-toxic to people, animals, and plants.

Lithium battery fires, known for their rapid acceleration and difficulty to extinguish, are a growing concern due to the widespread use of lithium battery technology. These fires often result from thermal runaway, a dangerous chain reaction triggered by cell failure, damage, short circuits, overcharging, or overheating. The LiCELL extinguishers with AVD address this issue uniquely by encapsulating the fire source with a non-flammable oxygen barrier, which also cools the affected area to prevent further escalation. This extinguisher is an essential tool for safeguarding lives and assets from severe fires on boats and marine environments.