Seldon GX 10 Top Down Furling, 42' w/11mm cable

$1,799.99 $1,710.00
Item Number: 545-118-21

Selden GX drum and halyard swivel and an AT-cable is included in the kit. The drum and the halyard swivel are permantly tted to the sail with the Selden line lock. Connect the drum to the bow and the spinnaker halyard to the halyard swivel. Lead the furling line to the cockpit by using Selden Double Fairleads on the stanchions, tighten the furling line and secure it in the Twin-Cam block. Thereafter hoist the furled sail.


Kit including GX drum, halyard swivel and AT-Cable Art. No.

Drum size, Ø mm

Dimension of included AT-cable, Ø mm

Max suggested sail area m²

Max working load, kN

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