Spinlock 6-12mm Single Line Clutch

Item Number: XAS0612/1
Explorer Compass Features:

2 3/4" Easy to Read Direct Reading Dial - Perfect for today’s cruising yachts up to 35’ and racers up to 27.’
  • easy release.
  • toughened impact resistance.
  • side-grip access soft feel.
  • optional colour inserts give positive identification.
  • modular build : easiest to upgrade & maintain.
  • the new option to optimise.
  • improves release .
  • line-friendly.
  • increases performance.
  • widest rope range.
  • same hole spacings as XA.
  • extra clutching and holding power on small diameter lines.
  • Any single XAS is easily installed on its side with fairing kit XAS-SMNT.
  • withstands the hardest working conditions.
  • alloy centreplates share high loads on multiple units.
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