Starbrite Ez-To-Store 8oz Gas Additive Stabilizer

SKU: 84308

A revolutionary development in fuel stabilizers, the only storage additive that stabilizes and fogs in one step, providing the ultimate winter protection.

EZ Store EZ Start Gas Storage Additive 8 oz.

Gas Storage additive with built in fogging package.


  • Unique formula combines gas stabilizers which prevent fuel from breaking down for up to 2 years with a polymer coating that acts like fogging oil.
  • Completely corrosion proofs all internal engine surfaces, even places that traditional fogging oil can't reach.
  • Great for inboard and outboard winter storage. One ounce treats 5 gallons of gas.
  • Now that you have fogged the engine, to maximize your Winterizing efforts, use this product with Star Tron fuel additive to treat the stored fuel in the tank - it will "winterize" the fuel, so that come Spring, your boat is ready to go.
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