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Weems & Plath Protractor Triangle Pro Model

SKU# 104
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Weems & Plath 104 Triangle with Handle, Kent Type, 13.125" & (333mm)

Weems & Plath, manufacturer of fine nautical instruments, is pleased to announce the introduction of the Professional Protractor Triangle, a new addition to its extensive collection of navigation tools. This triangle with its clean, uncluttered design has both 320mm & 1-80,000 scales and is constructed of heavy duty clear 5 mm thick acrylic for durability with a handle for ease of use. With legs that are 9.312 inches long a hypotenuse (long side) 13.125 inches long makes it larger than other navigation triangles on the market.

here are many uses for this innovative tool. Used in conjunction with a second triangle, course and bearing can be transferred on a chart. The hole at the vertex allows the point of a divider or pencil to be placed on a meridian for a quick and accurate course measurement. To convert the triangle into a quadrant use a weighted string to measure the angle of Polaris to determine your latitude. You can also measure the angle of an on-shore object with known height to determine distance from your position. To complete a fix add the bearing.

“The Professional Protractor Triangle was developed in response to requests from our customers. We strive to provide the highest quality and most innovative line of navigation tools available anywhere.” said Peter Trogdon, President of Weems & Plath.

Plotting on a chart is a fundamental skill necessary for safe navigating on the water. Today, a growing majority of boaters use GPS for positional information, and the Professional Protractor Triangle compliments the GPS with accurate course plotting that enhances safe navigation.