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Stay Bright, Stay Safe: The Bright Side of Flare Recycling

Sailboat at night.
In the world of boating and marine safety, ensuring your equipment is up-to-date is paramount—especially when it comes to distress signals like flares.

Buy One, Leave One

At the Rigging Shoppe, we're passionate about keeping you safe and environmentally conscious on the open waters. That's why we offer a unique flare exchange program designed to encourage safety and sustainability. When purchasing a new flare from us, you can leave your old, expired one behind. This not only helps you stay compliant with safety regulations but also ensures proper disposal of hazardous materials. It's a simple step, but checking your flares for expiration and participating in recycling programs can make a significant difference in maritime safety and environmental protection.
Stay bright on the water and ensure your safety equipment, including flares, is always up to the task.