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Onsite Rigging Services

Nicely rigged boat viewed in porthole.

The Rigging Shoppe’s team of expert riggers are ready to assist you with your next project.  Let our experience help you make the best choices!

Call us at 416-752-1711 or send an email and we’ll arrange for one of our riggers to discuss your individual requirements.

Let the experience of upgrading your vessel be a pleasurable one with the Rigging Shoppe’s help!

Lifeline Replacement

Lifelines cracked and starting to rust? Are they so old you don’t know when they were installed…?

Well that means it is time to replace them. You want to trust that the swag and the materials will hold next time you reach out to grab them, rather than question if this is the moment they will break and you will go tumbling into the water. Bring us your old lifelines and we can duplicate them exactly as they were or we can make modifications upon request.

Furling Installation & Maintenance

Furlers are great when they work. When they don’t work is of course the worst opportune time possible. Let us know if you are having problems with your furler. A simple recommendation may save you a world of grief in the future. Or if you are looking to replace your furler allow us to give you a quote along with our installation program which includes initial measurements, installation and a follow up visit.

Assistance with Stepping and Unstepping of your Mast

It’s that time of year again. The mast goes swinging through the air. There are great heated discussions. Strop over the spreaders, under the spreaders or leave a tie down to the foot of the mast. The boat isn’t lined up right…just push the boat forward a little, no move it back now. It can be frustrating. Let us deal with all of that while you simply push a button on the crane. The Rigging Shoppe is happy to setup to step or unstep your mast and take all the guess work out of it for you.

Rig Tuning

Every mast needs to be tuned whether you are a racer or a cruiser. The last thing you want is for a twisty mast to have permanent damage, cause long term wear and tear on your sails or worse… a rigging failure if you are caught out in a storm. The bonus is that your boat will be well balanced and sail the best it ever has to windward! Let us tune your rig and show you the basic steps along the way.

Deck Layout Consultation

How many times have you said. “ I don’t want to walk up to the mast”, or “this just doesn’t work like this”. The Riggers at The Rigging Shoppe have been helping their customers solve problems for ever and a day. From race boats to cruising boats to dinghies and even how to pull the curtains up on your sun shade…we have consulted on it all. Pick our brains rather to help you solve a problem.

Halyard Replacement

When something in you says “does this look ok”, the answer is no it should be replaced. However, loosing the line inside the mast is the worst. Inside your mast could be compression posts, spreader bars, electrical harnesses and maybe even a nest or two. Don’t loose the halyard inside the mast. We can help.

Custom Sheave and part replacement

This is the winter! While your mast is down, have a look at all the bits and pieces. If something is looking nefarious, we can help. Your mast may be a one of a kind or it may be a part of a production run. Regardless, if it is time to replace a sheave or an exit box or a rivet or a custom part ….. we can help.

On-Site Splicing

With line replacement comes splices. Did you know that if you tie a knot…even a bowline, you reduce the working load of that line by 50%. Wherever you can, add a splice instead of tying a knot. A splice will actually increase the strength of the line. Jib sheets and halyards can be attached with soft shackles or hard shackles. There is always a solution. We can even offer some interesting tricky splices to make you a unique bit of running rigging to suite your needs. Tapered sheets or tapered halyards in order? Have a tricky continuous line splice that you just don’t dare try? Just let us know and we can splice at your boat in place or here in the shop.