Salus Children Nimbus Vest

$89.99 $76.50
Item Number: CN-550|BLUE|20-30|*
Salus Children's Life Vest
The Salus Nimbus provides a comfortable fit for children and a peace of mind for adults. It is designed for comfort and is soft to the touch, ensuring that children will wear it for hours at a time. All PFD's float but won't save lives if children won't keep them on. The Nimbus is specially contoured to hug little bodies so children will get the best fit, mobility and safety while they're having fun swimming, boating and at the water's edge. Same as the CN-660 but without pockets.


The only children's vest that offers Ensolite soft foam and round edge design for exceptional comfort.
Sizing: 20-30lbs, 30-60lbs and 60-90lbs

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