2" x 22" S-2 Sailboat White Radar Reflector

SKU: S-2-W
Designed to be used high in the rigging of a sailboat or on the highest point of a powerboat. Vertically mounted to achieve maximum reflection, and permanently mounted, it’s compact shape offers little wind resistance, does not interfere with the sails, and is lightweight . When permanently mounted the reflector is durable and doesn’t make noise moving around. The aluminum elements inside are arranged at varying angles to each other and produce a very stable return on other boats active radar screens. 


  • The Mobri reflector is designed to be mounted in the rigging of sailboats.
  • The best performance is achieved when the Mobri Radar Reflector is mounted in a vertical position as high as possible above the deck: 13 ft. is recommended.
  • It should be mounted in the shrouds away from the shadow of the mast.
  • Mounting eyes are moulded in the structure on top and bottom.
  • Durable lashing material should be used to attach it to the standing rigging.
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