16m Reflex Unit 1 Furling Sys, Harken

Item Number: 7351.10.16M

Patent-pending Harken Reflex furlers provide sailors confidence that their free-flying spinnakers and gennakers will furl with speed and control.

The result?

  • Sailors use downwind sails more often—even when sailing shorthanded and the compact drive unit is easier to handle than other designs.
  • Pull the furling line and the drive unit reacts reflexively to rotate the torsion cable, immediately transferring torque to the head swivel without unwanted corkscrewing delaying the response.
  • The head swivel reacts instantly, spinning the sail smoothly and completely from top to bottom for an even roll-up and super-tight wrap.
  • The furled spinnaker lowers easily to the deck, ready for the next hoist.
  • The Reflex cable is more torsionally resistant to corkscrewing than the current breed of textile cable.
  • Braided stainless steel wire filaments over braided polyester core transmit torque to head swivel through both tension and compression for faster furling (textile cable transmits through tension only).
  • The quick-release modular T-fitting allows a single drive unit to handle multiple sails.


Sail type
Asymmetric spinnaker

Maximum sail area (m²178;)

Maximum sail area (ft²)

Cable length (m)

Cable length (ft)

Line (mm)

Line (in)

Includes: Drive unit, head swivel, Reflex tack swivel terminal, snap shackle threaded adapter, Reflex torsion cable, and clamp

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