3/8" Solid White Dacron Yacht Braid (per foot)

Item Number: 386000
3/8-in. diameter Bridgeline Polyester Double Braided Yachting Rope solid white.

Manufactured from continuous filament, high tensile, super low stretch polyester yarns. Its low stretch characteristics are combined with high strength and excellent abrasion resistance. Applications: For halyards, sheets, guys, and control lines anywhere strength and low stretch is required.

Size             Double Braid Polyester
Inches        Average Tensile (lbs)  
3/16 -in.    975  
1/4 -in.     1,550 
5/16 -in. 2,385 
3/8 -in.  3,420
7/16 -in.     4,590
1/2 -in.       5,940  
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