Amazon Bulkhead Mounted Bilge Pump

Item Number: 29240-0000
'Amazon' Bulkhead bilge pump. Connections: for 25mm (1") bore hose. Dimensions:250mm long, 170mm wide, 120mm high, with 260mm handle (nominal dimensions for variable pump configuration) Output: up to 45 litres/minute (10 gallons/minute). Service kit: 29246-1000. For surface mounting on bulkhead or deck. Light compact pump. Ports and body can be positioned in 96 different ways for maximum flexibility of installation. Stainless steel handle with bulkhead clips. Self-priming up to 4m. Packaged Dimensions:L:23.00 x H:16.00 x W:21.00cm. Actual Weight: 0.96 Kg (Approx. 1.26 Kg packed).
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