Evercoat White Finish Waxed Gelcoat (Pint)

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Item Number: 105670
Evercoat One-Step Finish Gel Coat. The highest quality ISO NPG marine finish gel coat to permanently repair or replace original, high-glass finish. The product cures to a hard finish and does not require Evercoat Mold Release (# 105685) to attain a fully cured surface. Use to fill gouges, chips, scrapes and deep scratches in the fiberglass gel coat. One Step Finish Gel Coat is a non-run, non-sag formulation of flexible polyester resins to produce resiliency and toughness. Evercoat Coloring Agents may be used to tint the material to desired color. Reduce with Evercoat Acetone (10 % ) to thin for sprayer applications.
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