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Self-contained sheaves are designed for sailors to use in custom applications.

The Micro, Bullet, and Big Bullet sheaves are Delrin® with Delrin® ball bearings. They are scored for rope.


Sheave Ø (mm): 29 mm

Sheave Ø (in): 1 1/8 in

Width (mm): 12 mm

Width (in): 1/2 in

Weight (g): 7 g

Weight (oz): 0.25 oz

Center pin Ø (mm): 6.27 mm

Center pin Ø (in): 1/4 in

Maximum line Ø (mm): 8 mm

Maximum line Ø (in): 5/16 in

Maximum working load (kg): 136 kg

Maximum working load (lb): 300 lb

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