Harken 365 Carbo Cam-Cleat

Item# 365

* Carbo-Cams are breakthrough plastic cleats designed for use on high performance boats where weight and performance are critical. Carbon matrix pawls are tough, offer very good wear characteristics, and ride on UV-protected black ball bearings. Carbo-Cams also offer many of the same features as Harken Cam-Matics, including the easy entry system, which allows lines to be engaged without being drawn through the cam. This is critical on high performance boats because controls must be adjusted precisely. The easy-entry system makes this possible by engaging without further tensioning, and with minimal backlash. A stainless steel wear strip protects the base when entry or exit leads are not fair in the vertical plane. * Height: 1 3/32-inch 28mm * Length: 2 9/16-inch 65mm * Width: 1 1/4-inch 32mm * Weight: 1 1/2oz. 42grams * Min-Max line: 1/8-3/8-inch 3-10mm * Fastener spacing: 1 1/2-inch 38mm * Safe working load: 200lbs 91kgs * Breaking strength: 500lbs 227kgs * Pawls: Plastic carbon-matrix