Kingston Polish Bow Roller - fits Rocna 20-25kg

Item Number: KR-2025P

Kingston Polish Bow Roller - fits Rocna 20-25kg usually available 2-5 business days upon ordering.

With an adjustable roller wheel placement to fit each anchor size, this bow roller has an adjustable quick release locking pin that holds the anchor securely in place when stowed and features a rounded bail that controls the rode, keeping it inside the roller. It is 31 1/2" (80.01 cm) in length and is suited for QuickSet anchor as well as Plow and ROCNA anchors between 44 to 55 Lb (19.95 to 24.94 Kg).

POLISH FINISH bow roller is immersed in a temperature-controlled bath of electrolyte to remove surface impurities, leaving a satin-like finish that won’t rust.

  • Saltwater tested to 500 hours with no signs of corrosion or rust
  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Made of 100% Marine Grade U.S.A. Stainless Steel for maximum tensile strength and long lasting corrosion protection
  • Uses Acetal Roller Wheels; a strong superior dense polymer material that is UV resistant
  • Bow Roller wheels are precision cut on our CNC lathe and won’t yellow, fade or crack
  • Uses 2 x W25-3 Kingston Anchor Roller Wheels
  • Uses 15" Round Bail BAR-15-2.78
  • Uses 3.5" Quick Release Pin QRP-3.5
  • 31 1/2" Length x 3 3/8" Width x 10" Deep

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