Lewmar Alum. One-Touch 10 P/Grip Winch Handle

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Item Number: 29140046

OneTouch Winch Handle - with PowerGrip
With its patented one touch lock-in mechanism, Lewmars new OneTouch Winch Handle aims to provide sailors with a stylish, powerful and easy-to-use handle that offers rapid and simple winch entry and exit.

Lewmars OneTouch handle uses a plunger pin and ball mechanism similar to that employed by the quick release steering wheels in Formula 1 racing cars. To insert, simply squeeze the handle and place it into the winch. To remove, squeeze and remove it all in one motion. Both operations can be performed one-handed.

Initial fast cranking with one hand on top of the PowerGrip handle is easy and comfortable. When the load comes on, and it’s time to shift gear, the second hand grips the main shaft handle and the serious grinding takes place.


  • OneTouch removal mechanism incorporated into an ergonomically shaped handle
  • A combination of high strength marine grade alloys and fiber-filled composites
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