Nova Kool 1 Plate Freezer Unit

Item Number: LT-201-FL

These units have a small foot print for easy mounting, 1 or 3 plates for maximum flexibility and are thermostat controlled for a wide range of settings. Construction is a powder coated galvanized base which is corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

Fan cooled condenser increases efficiency while the DC compressor is quiet, vibration free, safe and dependable. The pure DC unit minimizes RF noise / Electrolysis and is designed to operate at a constant angle of 30 degrees.


  • Mobile applications ie: ambulance, veterinarian, farm, marine, food vending, RV, solar
  • Efficient Danfoss BD series compressors
  • Self sealing couplings (unit is pre charged with refrigerant)
  • Evaporators are supplied with 12 ft line sets, 18 ft is optional
  • Efficient air cooled condenser, will provide years of simple reliable service in the tropics
  • Condenser is sized specifically to ensure capacity in the hottest of climates
  • Variable speed compressor (adjusted by changing the resistance in control circuit)
  • 18 GA powder coated steel with a compact foot print
  • Environmentally sound 134a refrigerant
  • Simple, efficient and reliable rollbond plate evaporators. Can in many cases be bent to conform to your requirements
  • Compressor designed to run continuously on a 30 degree heal
  • Low battery protection to help prevent full discharge of batteries
  • Low amperage fan
  • Voltage options
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