Raymarine ITC-5 Transducer Converter

Item Number: E70010

The Raymarine iTC-5 Instrument Transducer Converter easily converts traditional transducer signals, used in ST60+, i70, ST70+ and ST70 instrument systems into todays SeaTalkng format.

Attached to a Raymarine e Series Display or an i70 Instrument utilizing SeaTalkng, existing transducers for Speed, Depth, Wind, Rudder Angle and Fluxgate Compass can be connected to a STng system with an iTC-5 unit. 

The iTC-5 eliminates the need for multiple ST70 pods, and large STng systems can support multiple iTC-5 units. 

SeaTalkng connections at the base of the unit simply connect the iTC-5 unit to the SeaTalkng backbone.

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