Raymarine RD418HD 4kw 18" Dig. Radome ($100 reb.)

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Raymarine's new Raymarine RD418HD 4kW 18" HD Digital Radome scanners combine the power and clarity of HD Digital signal processing with an ultra-compact scanner suitable for all types of vessels. Compatible with C-Series Widescreen, E-Series Classic, E-Series Widescreen and G-Series Multifunction Displays, the Raymarine RD418HD 4kW 18" HD Digital Radome offers a 256-color radar display and the clearest, most lifelike radome presentation available from any radome scanner. 

The Raymarine RD418HD 4kW 18" HD Digital Radome feature the same adaptive digital receiver technology found in our open array antennas. By adjusting automatically to changing environmental and sea conditions, the Raymarine RD418HD provides crisp, accurate contact echoes at short ranges, as well as outstanding long range performance up to 48 nautical miles.

Raymarine RD418HD 4kW 18" HD Digital Radome Key Features:

  • Adaptive digital receiver automatically adjusts to changing environmental and see conditions for a dramatically clearer picture
  • Fast digital receiver processor
  • 256 color multi-level target display with selectable color palettes
  • New Bird Mode automatically optimizes the receiver for detecting sea birds above schools of fish
  • New High Speed Mode (48 RPM) automatically engages for optimal tracking of high speed targets at short ranges
  • Dual-range mode allow you to monitor both long and short ranges simultaneously with a single scanner and display
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