Rocna 15kg Galvanized Anchor *Freight Alert*

Item Number: ROCNA 15
Independently tested as one of the best, Rocna anchors stand out for their holding power, setting ability and ease of use. Designed to set quickly in all types of seabeds, their unique geometry enables them to orient themselves for fast penetration, regardless of how they hit the bottom. They combine a chisel tip, roll-bar, and skids to dig in straight and bury rapidly, typically within one meter, even in thick weed and kelp. The Rocnas folded fluke geometry resists wind and current shifts and doesnt easily trip out upon load reversal. Unlike other anchors, extra lead or cast iron weights in the tip are not employed. Instead, weight is efficiently distributed throughout the design for greater strength and increased blade surface area, resulting in superior holding power. This means greater security for cruisers, and a lighter anchor for weight-sensitive craft. Their self-launching design locks home on most bow rollers without having to be guided into place and fits most bow rollers snugly enough to prevent movement while at sea. Available in galvanized- or stainless-steel. Style: Fixed-shank scoop. Material: Galvanized- or stainless-steel, Shank: Quenched and tempered high-tensile steel extremely resistant to the twisting and bending forces present when the anchor is under load. Application: Most bottom types.

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