Sealand 22" Tank Monitor System - not vented

Item# 604002

Sealand 22" Tank Monitor System - not vented usually available 5-7 business days upon ordering.

Model Number: 604001, 604002, 604003, 604004
Description: Replaces TankWatch4 level indicator
Continuously monitors holding tank level. Micro float switches indicate empty, low, mid and full. International symbology of four tank levels provides universal use.
No false readings. No electrical components come in contact with waste or water. Operates on 12- or 24-volt DC..
Easy to Install. Use on any size fresh, gray or black water tank. Use SeaLand's optional Universal Flange Kit to install on existing rigid tanks, Part Number 230272.
Includes probe cap with three micro float switches (with or without 5/8-inch vent hose connection), indicator panel, gasket and stainless steel mounting hardware.
Optional shutdown relay. Shuts down toilet when waste tank is full or shuts down water pump when freshwater tank is empty.
Order optional adaptor plate to mount new DTM panel in place of TW4 pane